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Junior Chamber International


JCI is a dynamic community, committed to creating a positive impact through innovative projects, leadership development, and global connections. Discover boundless opportunities for personal growth, professional development, and impactful collaboration through JCI. From empowering local communities to tackling global challenges, JCI empowers you to be a catalyst for positive change. Unleash your potential and become part of a global force for good. Together, we are the driving force behind a brighter future. Be a JCI Member and become the change the world needs!

At JCI, we strive to equip our future generations with quintessential skills to improve their outlook on themselves and tackle different issues in the society we grew up in.  We believe in enhancing our capabilities to become an unnerving force that creates a positive impact. Join our network of like-minded individuals who dare to dream big and make a difference. 

JCI VIZAG is a local organization (chapter) of JCI – a non-profit organization, based in the city of Visakhapatnam, India. JCI VIZAG has a rich, unparalleled legacy of 34 years, known for creating inspirational leaders and phenomenal trainers since 1990. JCI VIZAG takes pride in addressing growing community challenges, along with enhancing every individual’s personal and social skills, and strives in empowering young citizens into potential leaders.

Discover JCI Vizag, the powerhouse of young leaders igniting positive transformation in Visakhapatnam! We empower minds, driving impactful change through innovative projects that touch lives and uplift communities. Join our vibrant network, and embrace leadership opportunities. Together, we make a real difference, leaving a lasting legacy in the heart of this beautiful city. Dare to dream, dare to lead with JCI Vizag!


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Areas Of Opportunity for JCI Members


Impactful Trainings

JCI is known for its extensive, world-class, hierarchical training sessions that are precisely handcrafted for empowering every individual to become an effective speaker.


Leadership & Management

Management roles are a key stepping stone to effective leadership. JCI has robust, hierarchical management opportunities to transform budding aspirants into effective leaders


Sustainable Campaigns

At JCI, We always strive to give back to society. We always come up with creative ideas for organizing sustainable projects and awareness campaigns that create a positive impact.


Business & Networking

Wish to showcase your business and increase your brand's credibility? JCI has a huge network of accomplished members that offers you invaluable connections - worldwide.


JCI Creed

Mission & Vision

Always Open

Guided By Purpose

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Safe + Easy Donations

Work in More Than 5k Countries

We help donors make safe and easy US tax-deductible donations to vetted, locally-driven organizations around the world. Donations are tax-deductible, taxpayers can give in GBP and claim an extra 25% if Gift Aid eligible.

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Why is JCI a Great Platform?

Junior Chamber International is established worldwide - Truly Global!

JCI is one of the most powerful non-governmental, non-profit organizations that has been established worldwide with its members in more than 124 countries. JCI has been empowering young people into active citizens since 1990 and continues to work on sustainable projects and ideas.

We Help Budding Individuals Transform into Their Best Selves

Do you know that JCI  has membership eligibility criteria? JCI is for members aged between 18 to 40 years. JCI strives to transform young people in all areas of opportunities and growth along with inculcating them with a purpose toward society - thereby making them responsible and active citizens whilst equipping them with quintessential social skills.

JCI is a Great Start for Leadership and Management Aspirants

JCI offers immense opportunities for aspirants who want to ace leadership and management roles. Members are encouraged to take up managerial and leadership roles in the organization based on their efficacy and efficiency and climb their way up - Prepping them with the skills needed to handle responsible roles in the society.

JCI Offers a Tremendous Scope for Business Connections & Networking

Looking for increasing your business' scope and credibility? JCI is a great place to boost your brand visibility. Business networking has become a joy thanks to our JCOM - Jaycees Chamber of Commerce,  - A Business area program exclusively for JCI members. Explore limitless potential connections and target audiences for growing your business.

JCI Follows a Systematic Approach to Organizing and Carrying out Projects

We, at JCI, have a robust, organized plan of action to carry out all major initiatives and projects. Our JCI Action Framework helps individuals and teams to effectively manage and accomplish projects - from assigning targeted tasks to tracking the impact and outcome it created - at every step of the way.

JCI VIZAG's Ongoing Projects

We, at JCI VIZAG, work with multiple projects, events, and campaigns all year round! These projects aim to generate a positive outlook on the community we live in and create futuristic leaders.

JCI With The United Nations

JCI is with the United Nations


Medical Corps

Your gift today can help more people receive the lifesaving care they deserve.


Project Hope

Your gift today can help more people receive the lifesaving care they deserve.

Our Pride Project

Special Olympics - Our Flagship Event

Every year, JCI VIZAG organizes a spectacular paralympic event – Special Olympics to commemorate and cherish the specially-abled children across India.  More than 500 children and adults participate in this all-day sporting event. JCI members sponsors, students from various schools, and fellow volunteers cheer unitedly to see these people soar high.


Giving Help Fund


Medify Fund


Meet Our Hierarchical Presidents

From the International to the local level, Here are our current presidents for the year 2023. 

Andrew Larson


Amare Daliah


Lulu Kroifer


Bahati Imani


Step-up for Volunteering

Volunteering for a generous act is the most selfless thing! Collaborate with JCI VIZAG to volunteer and explore impressive sustainable projects and awareness campaigns that invigorate your passion to be an active citizen and help people in need.

Become a JCI Member

JCI VIZAG is a huge community connecting nonprofits, donors, and companies with a vision to help improve our society along with boosting every individual's skillset and opportunity. Come join us to explore a world of effective training sessions, business networking, and sustainable projects.

Be a Sponsor for Projects

JCI VIZAG works on multiple projects that create a positive impact on society. We address evergrowing communal challenges - from empowering young individuals and students to conducting various campaigns and events. We would love to collaborate on a sponsorship of these projects that benefits the willing sponsors and us.